Here's a quick peek inside: Water enters the shower head through the flow resrictor (1) then travels through the injector plate (2) which directs the water to the waterwheel (3). The water spins the magnetic waterwheel past the stator (4) of the field wincing (5). This hydroelectric generator develops the 2.5 volts at .31 amps which lights the PR-6 bulb.

The patented hydroelectric generator inside our ShowerStar™ is a miracle in motion. A tiny super-powerful 8-segment magnet couples to a sealed coil. Water pressure from four perfectly-aimed holes in the body of the ShowerStar™ turn an impeller at up to 600 rpm, providing 2-3 volts at a miniscule, safe 60 milliamperes. The whole process is almost silent, with only the soft whirring of the turbine the only indication that this is something different… That and the wonderful illumination provided by the ShowerStar™.

In addition to the electrical energy created by the ShowerStar™, water travelling through the powerful magnetic field is ionized, creating what some believe to be a much softer and more healing spray. Though the jury is still out on these effects, it’s an interesting potential benefit to spending time in the shower.